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The Term: accident

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The Term: accident

Otherwise known as a mishap, an accident is something unforeseen or unplanned. (LawTerm-1021)

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1404 hearing Verdicts LawTerm-1190

1983 claim Verdicts LawTerm-1191

accident Verdicts LawTerm-1021

accident attorney Verdicts LawTerm-1083

accident lawyer Verdicts LawTerm-1082

accident victims Verdicts LawTerm-1022

accident victims rights Verdicts LawTerm-1026

ADA Verdicts LawTerm-1146

administration Verdicts LawTerm-1150

ambulance Verdicts LawTerm-1060

articles on medical malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1018

asbestos Verdicts LawTerm-1142

assault Verdicts LawTerm-1138

attorney Verdicts LawTerm-1001

attorney Verdicts LawTerm-1003

attorney at law Verdicts LawTerm-1004

Automobile Accidents Verdicts LawTerm-1037

aviation accident Verdicts LawTerm-1058

award Verdicts LawTerm-1049

bed bugs Verdicts LawTerm-1057

bicycle accident Verdicts LawTerm-1180

Bodily Injury Verdicts LawTerm-1042

breach of contract Verdicts LawTerm-1177

broken sidewalk Verdicts LawTerm-1071

broken walkway Verdicts LawTerm-1075

burn victim Verdicts LawTerm-1051

bus accident Verdicts LawTerm-1156

Business Law Verdicts LawTerm-1028

car accident Verdicts LawTerm-1024

car accident Verdicts LawTerm-1155

car accident victims Verdicts LawTerm-1025

car crash Verdicts LawTerm-1059

cases Verdicts LawTerm-1008

civil rights claim Verdicts LawTerm-1192

civil rights violation Verdicts LawTerm-1193

claims Verdicts LawTerm-1009

Codicil Verdicts LawTerm-1128

Commercial real estate Verdicts LawTerm-1055

compulsory accounting Verdicts LawTerm-1164

concussion Verdicts LawTerm-1092

Construction Accidents Verdicts LawTerm-1038

construction site Verdicts LawTerm-1170

contingency fee Verdicts LawTerm-1189

contract of sale Verdicts LawTerm-1178

corporations Verdicts LawTerm-1161

cracked sidewalk Verdicts LawTerm-1073

Criminal Law Verdicts LawTerm-1039

damages Verdicts LawTerm-1088

dangerous condition Verdicts LawTerm-1098

defective product Verdicts LawTerm-1097

design defect Verdicts LawTerm-1197

discrimination Verdicts LawTerm-1144

Divorce Verdicts LawTerm-1034

doctor malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1064

Dog Bite Verdicts LawTerm-1043

dram shop Verdicts LawTerm-1140

drowning Verdicts LawTerm-1200

DUI Verdicts LawTerm-1040

DWI Verdicts LawTerm-1041

economic loss Verdicts LawTerm-1087

elevator Verdicts LawTerm-1167

elevator accident Verdicts LawTerm-1166

emergency doctrine Verdicts LawTerm-1052

emotional distress Verdicts LawTerm-1163

employee at will Verdicts LawTerm-1143

equitable distribution Verdicts LawTerm-1056

escalator Verdicts LawTerm-1169

escalator accident Verdicts LawTerm-1168

Evidence Verdicts LawTerm-1111

examples of medical malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1013

Expert Witness Verdicts LawTerm-1110

explosion Verdicts LawTerm-1174

failure to warn Verdicts LawTerm-1198

falling glass Verdicts LawTerm-1165

falling object Verdicts LawTerm-1080

Family Law Verdicts LawTerm-1033

fire Verdicts LawTerm-1173

firm Verdicts LawTerm-1005

golf course Verdicts LawTerm-1067

Grantor Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1124

hazardous condition Verdicts LawTerm-1099

Health Care Proxy Verdicts LawTerm-1127

Hearsay Verdicts LawTerm-1112

herniated disc Verdicts LawTerm-1131

hit and run Verdicts LawTerm-1171

hit and run accident Verdicts LawTerm-1172

hospital Verdicts LawTerm-1062

hospital bills Verdicts LawTerm-1134

hospital negligence Verdicts LawTerm-1061

ILIT Verdicts LawTerm-1121

IME Verdicts LawTerm-1108

Independent Medical Examination Verdicts LawTerm-1109

infant's compromise Verdicts LawTerm-1154

inheritance Verdicts LawTerm-1162

insurance claim Verdicts LawTerm-1175

insurance company Verdicts LawTerm-1176

intentional infliction of emotional distress Verdicts LawTerm-1148

intentional tort Verdicts LawTerm-1139

Irrevocable Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1115

Judge Verdicts LawTerm-1048

jury Verdicts LawTerm-1047

jury verdict Verdicts LawTerm-1050

labor law Verdicts LawTerm-1157

labor law 240 Verdicts LawTerm-1158

law firm Verdicts LawTerm-1002

lawsuit Verdicts LawTerm-1007

lawyer Verdicts LawTerm-1000

lease Verdicts LawTerm-1160

legal Verdicts LawTerm-1006

liability Verdicts LawTerm-1136

Life Care Plan Verdicts LawTerm-1119

Life Insurance Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1120

Living Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1129

loss of parental guidance Verdicts LawTerm-1133

loss of services Verdicts LawTerm-1089

lost wages Verdicts LawTerm-1132

malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1012

manhole Verdicts LawTerm-1068

manufacturer's defect Verdicts LawTerm-1196

Medicaid Verdicts LawTerm-1117

Medicaid Planning Verdicts LawTerm-1118

medical malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1011

Medical Malpractice Verdicts LawTerm-1030

medical malpractice case Verdicts LawTerm-1016

medical malpractice definition Verdicts LawTerm-1015

medical malpractice facts Verdicts LawTerm-1014

medical malpractice statistics Verdicts LawTerm-1019

medical malpractice stories Verdicts LawTerm-1017

metrolink accident victims Verdicts LawTerm-1027

moped accident Verdicts LawTerm-1182

Motorcycle accident Verdicts LawTerm-1045

negligence Verdicts LawTerm-1137

negligence attorney Verdicts LawTerm-1085

negligence lawyer Verdicts LawTerm-1084

negligent security Verdicts LawTerm-1188

negligent supervision Verdicts LawTerm-1185

No Fault Verdicts LawTerm-1107

pain and suffering Verdicts LawTerm-1086

pedestrian knockdown Verdicts LawTerm-1183

Personal Injury Verdicts LawTerm-1020

personal Injury definition Verdicts LawTerm-1081

personal trainer negligence Verdicts LawTerm-1101

physician negligence Verdicts LawTerm-1063

playground Verdicts LawTerm-1184

pool accident Verdicts LawTerm-1199

pothole Verdicts LawTerm-1069

Power of Attorney Verdicts LawTerm-1126

probate Verdicts LawTerm-1149

products liability Verdicts LawTerm-1096

protected class Verdicts LawTerm-1147

psychological injury Verdicts LawTerm-1090

raised sidewalk Verdicts LawTerm-1072

raised walkway Verdicts LawTerm-1076

Real Estate Verdicts LawTerm-1053

reckless driving Verdicts LawTerm-1100

Residential real estate Verdicts LawTerm-1054

retaining wall Verdicts LawTerm-1079

Revocable Living Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1130

Revocable Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1116

road accident Verdicts LawTerm-1023

rollover Verdicts LawTerm-1195

rollover accident Verdicts LawTerm-1194

scar Verdicts LawTerm-1159

school accident Verdicts LawTerm-1186

schoolyard accident Verdicts LawTerm-1187

settlements Verdicts LawTerm-1010

sexual harassment Verdicts LawTerm-1145

sidewalk Verdicts LawTerm-1070

skating rink Verdicts LawTerm-1065

skiing accident Verdicts LawTerm-1179

Slip and Fall Verdicts LawTerm-1032

slippery floor Verdicts LawTerm-1095

snow and ice Verdicts LawTerm-1094

speed bump Verdicts LawTerm-1181

sporting event accident Verdicts LawTerm-1093

sports event Verdicts LawTerm-1066

SUM Verdicts LawTerm-1105

Supplemental Needs Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1122

Supplemental Underinsured Motorist Verdicts LawTerm-1103

Testamentary Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1125

The First National Bank of Long Island Verdicts LawTerm-1153

Third Party Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1123

torts Verdicts LawTerm-1135

toxic tort Verdicts LawTerm-1141

train accident Verdicts LawTerm-1078

Transactions Verdicts LawTerm-1029

traumatic brain injury Verdicts LawTerm-1091

Trip and Fall Verdicts LawTerm-1044

truck accident Verdicts LawTerm-1077

Trump Verdicts LawTerm-1151

Trump Management, Inc. Verdicts LawTerm-1152

Trust Verdicts LawTerm-1114

Trusts and Estate Verdicts LawTerm-1036

UM Verdicts LawTerm-1106

Uninsured Motorist Verdicts LawTerm-1104

Verdict Verdicts LawTerm-1113

waiver of liability Verdicts LawTerm-1102

walkway Verdicts LawTerm-1074

Wills Verdicts LawTerm-1035

wrongful Death Verdicts LawTerm-1031

Zone of Danger Verdicts LawTerm-1046

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$2.5 million settlement to partygoer punched by drunken guest, blamed host, other
$2 million wrongful death award for a retired 58 year old man killed in a motor vehicle accident
$1.5 million award for the wrongful death of a construction worker who fell nine floors from a midtown Manhattan skyscraper
$3.5 million dollar settlement for car accident victim with a vascular injury to his left leg
$2.4 million structured settlement for car accident victim who sustained a fractured leg
$1.4 million dollar estate litigation award for an heir who was written out of a will and living trust
$1.1 million dollar award in malpractice claim against a chiropractor and neurologist who failed to diagnose a spinal tumor
$1.05 million structured settlement for an HVAC worker who sustained a broken leg in a car accident
$1 million wrongful death structured settlement for man who was crushed in a trash compactor
$975,000 settlement after a jury verdict on liability for car accident victim who sustained a herniated disc requiring surgery
$950,000 settlement for car accident victim who sustained a herniated disc requiring surgery
$800,000 settlement for car accident victim who sustained a herniated disc requiring surgery
$525,000 settlement for medical malpractice victim who sustained partial loss of vision as a result of doctor's failure to monitor her glaucoma condition
$250,000.00 settlement for a car accident victim who sustained a lis frac injury to her right foot requiring surgery
$245,000.00 award for victim of medical malpractice in the misplacement of a feeding tube and the failure to diagnose gastrocolic and colocutaneous fistulas
$225,000 arbitration award for a girl who sustained a fractured leg when struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street

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